“Less than a decade ago, eager to launch a restaurant venture together, they found a grand old building–an abandoned lumber mill on the fringe of Historic Ballard overlooking Shilshole Avenue–but the build-out, back then, seemed daunting. Instead they leased a little bar at the intersection of Market Street and Ballard Avenue called Matador.”

Ronald Holden

Seattle Dining

“The winning team behind the wildly popular Tex-Mex mini chain branched out in 2012, tapping into the seemingly insatiable hunger for Southern comfort food at its Kickin’ Boot in Old Ballard (bonus points for the beautiful rehab of a historic building) and Southland Whiskey Kitchen in Portland.”

Allison Austin Scheff & Leslie Kelly

Seattle Magazine

“Casa Del Matador Starts Countdown to Downtown Summerlin Debut.”

Bradley Martin

Las Vegas Eater

“Head to the Ballard outpost of this Tex-Mex mini-chain for gourmet fusion eats — chipotle-mayo burgers, ancho chile wings — fancified margaritas (cucumber-jalapeno!), and a legit rustic setting featuring tabletops that the owner built by hand.”

Bianca Prum

Thrillist Seattle

““When I show people what a Matador looks like, Tacoma is what I like to show them: a historical building, preferably brick. I love corner locations. A small footprint — around 3,500 to 4,000 square feet. High ceilings are always a plus.” So is “a cool patio.””

Nancy Leson

Seattle Times

“Born and raised in Cheboygan, Nathan Opper could not have foreseen the wisdom in his mother’s advise when she told him in his early 20s that he should step out and see the world beyond his hometown and find his way along a new path.”

Mary Barker

Cheboygan Daily Tribune

“Co-owners of the Matador and Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen, Zak Melang and Nate Opper, offer some insight on what they think are ingredients to restaurant success.”

Seattle Times